Being a Photographer in Memphis/Collierville, TN

Hello Memphis! This being my first blog, I would like to introduce myself as Dash, who specializes in Natural light and Off Camera Flash Portraits. Based out from Collierville, TN, I have also covered other genres of Photography such as, Weddings, Maternity, Kids, Fashion, Cosplay and many more. You can check out my work at or like my Facebook page at: You can also follow my work in Instagram: @shootmedash.

Ever since I got into photography (which is like about 6 years now), my vision and creativity has taken a humongous shift from what it was 6 years before. I have tried polishing my knowledge which I have learned from various sources and from indefinite seminars attended in these years. These not only helped my camera skills get better, but also developed the Professional photographer within me. These are some precious and very important events in my life as a photographer as it shaped the vision for me and guided me through all these years. My two cents for people who want to be into photography: Learn and PRACTICE! Theory and definitions of photography is not going to help you master the art, unless you execute often and you execute it sincerely! Remember, as per some article which I read through long back, it takes about 8 years on an average before you get your first client!

 Few of my accomplishment in the field of photography includes:

  1. Member of Professional Photographers of America

  2. Volunteered 2 years now in IMAGINGUSA, which is one of the biggest international photography convention and expo.

  3. Member of Memphis Camera Club

  4. Member of different photography communities near my Memphis/Collierville/Nashville areas

  5. 1K followers and growing with 124 Instagram posts.

My dream is to be called as the people photographer of Memphis! Yes, I would love to get myself recognized not only because of my photography skills but also for my professional attitude in this line of business. Photography market and photographers have been like baby boomers and the industry is now being flooded with many upcoming and rising photographers, but what makes a key difference in this line of business is how professional, welcoming and respectful you are towards your clients, peers and fellow photographers.

Finally to summarize my definition of Photography: This being a creative line, there are many situations where in someone refers to a photograph to be Bad or not good enough. This is not essentially true. Creativity is just like beauty and it lies in the eyes of the beholder. Creativity is unique. Creativity is a taste. Hence, it will be entirely injustice to call someone work as less creative or not good enough, because the image which you don’t like, might be liked  or even loved by someone else, with a different taste for creativity.

That’s the beauty of photography!